5 reasons to buy the JBL Link smart speaker

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5 Reasons To Buy The JBL Link Smart Speaker:

  1. Better sound quality than google Home - the JBL Link speaker is first and foremost a portable speaker with superb sound quality that is streets ahead of the google home or google mini.
  1. Voice Control your smart home devices. - This portable speaker can be used to connect to the Google Home Assistant app and control your smart home devices that are compatible with Goggle Home. Remember Google works with more than 5,000 smart devices from over 150 brands. So most smart home devices available on the market today are Google Assistant enabled and if not, they will likely be in the future with software updates. 
  1. Portable and durable Wireless speaker - this speaker, unlike the Goggle Home, is portable meaning you don't have to have it plugged in all the time. The JBL link 10 can give you up to 5 hours battery life when playing music and the JBL link 20 can give you even more with 10 hours battery life. So, these speakers are not only useful in the home but can be taken anywhere for real portable outdoor music. It is also featured with waterproof durable fabric materials - so is can be taken with you anywhere. 
  1. Use as an Intercom - this range of JBL Link speakers can be used as an intercom when paired with another Google Assistant enabled device. Buy a cost-effective Google Home Mini and pair these devices via the Google Assistant home app. Now you no longer need to shout above your teenager’s portable speaker as you can interrupt their music to make announcements, yes you can interrupt with commands like, “please come down for dinner”, “Please put out the rubbish” or “have you finished your homework?” all from the comfort of your kitchen without having to share your shouts with your neighbours!
  1. Better Voice search - Google Assistant is recognised as having the better search capability when compared to Alexa - obviously backed by Google voice recognition capability and long-standing search development experience.  So, in a nut shell, with Google built-in, this JBL Link Speaker is your own personal Google -you can ask it questions & tell it to do things.  A simple voice request will trigger your JBL to play a podcast or your playlist from Shopify or even tell you what the weather will be like later!


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