5 Smart Home products to help you cope with the Coronavirus COVID-19

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Key to keeping you and your loved ones safe is the ability to isolate yourself from the potential infection. Outlined below we define the 5 key smart home products that will help you cope with the COVID-19 - home isolation and improve your ability to work remotely.   

1. Improve your WiFi signal

If you are one of the fortunate people to be able to work from home as part your firm's strategy for coping with the Coronavirus COVID-19, we recommend you seriously look to improve the coverage and strength of your WiFi signal in your home - you should look at one of our TP Link - WiFi boosters For most most 4 bed homes or any home up to 2800sq feet,  we would recommend the TP-Link Deco E4 twin pack with whole home mesh WiFi coverage. This product also has easy to use parental controls allowing you to monitor internet users by connected device as well as potentially setting time limits and internet access controls based on predefined age limits.  


2. Install a Video Doorbell

Install a video doorbell so you can remotely answer your door via your laptop or phone to visitors and see who is there. Also useful for accepting and speaking to the take away or home shopping delivery person without having to expose yourself to any potential contact - keeping you safe from contamination. We recommend the WiFi connected, easy to install Ener-J Slim Wireless Video Doorbell. It has 2 Way Audio, motion sensor alert, Night Vision and 160 degree vision.

3. Install an indoor Video camera 

Consider installing an indoor two way communication video camera for use by your elderly parents or vulnerable relatives . This allows you to keep an eye on them and have regular communication with them without exposing them to potential cross contamination from you or your young children. Our indoor smart camera recommendation is the cost effective Ener-j smart premium indoor Pan-Tilt IP Camera.

4. Install Smart bulbs

Install smart light bulbs in heavily used rooms like the living room, kitchen or playroom so you can individually control these from your individual smart phones to reduce the chance of cross contamination on light switches. Check out our range of smart lighting, from smart bulbs, smart LEDs or smart lighting LED strips.

5. Install a Google Nest Mini

By installing a Google Nest Mini smart speaker you can limit cross contamination on common touch points like screens, light switches etc. Connect the Google Nest Mini to the other smart home devices you have installed controlling them through your voice removing the need to turn on or off your smart lights by using common touch light switches. Or answering your video doorbell by using your voice to show the image on your connected devices like your tablet, phone or even your smart TV.    

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