Google Nest Mini v Google Home Mini

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What are the differences between the Google Nest Mini and Google Home Mini?

Below we outline the key enhancements and upgrades on the Google Nest Mini versus it's older sibling the google Home Mini. These changes are more an evolution on the small but very powerful Google Home Mini enhancing it's usability. The similarity between both is they use Google Assistant to connect and control your smart home devices or connect to your smartphone be that IOS or Android.   

Rebranding Google Home to Google Nest:

The Google Nest Mini is ultimately a replacement for the Google Home Mini as part of Google's evolution and desire to move more people over from Google Home to its more popular Google Nest brand with its greater security. It is also part of a wider move to leverage off the highly successful Nest Thermostats and growing product range to create and promote "Nest" as their smart home brand. Google Nest will encompass many smart home devices such as the Nest Thermostats, Nest Doorbells and Nest Cameras with more to be added over time. It also helps people understand the fact these products are compatible and capable of being controlled by the Nest Mini Speaker being part of the one eco system.  

Better Sound:

The Google Nest Mini has deeper and better bass that is twice as deep as the Google Home Mini which does improve the quality of notifications and related Google Assistant announcements. Yet neither is a a full blown high quality smart speaker of the likes of JBL Link 10 or UE Boom Blast. But what do you expect given its size and price at approx €50. Really this is all about smart home and Google Assistant voice connectivity. 

Better Design:

This is a little bit of stretch but the good news is the Google Nest Mini comes with a wall mounting capability (i.e. a screw hole for wall fixing) saving you having to buy a separate wall mounting kit. The Nest Mini comes also comes with a new colour option sky and the cover is now made of recycled plastic. The power cable is a new round power adapter as opposed to the previous micro USB connector of the Google Home Mini. 

Better Controls:

The Nest Mini has added LED indicators to help show where to tap on the top and sides for increasing or decreasing volume, as well as adding a pause button. Now there are three LED buttons on the top and one on each side to help users identify where to tap on the device and improve controls. Both the old and the new have a mute microphone button on the side. 

Improved Voice Recognition:

The Google Nest Mini has 3 Microphones (versus 2 for the Google Home Mini) to improve sound recognition. This coupled with an improved chip in the Google Nest Mini is designed to help improve its voice recognition and machine learning - an important but unseen upgrade. 


Overall the Google Nest Mini is an evolution rather than a complete redesign of the ever useful Google Home Mini smart speaker with improved voice recognition, better bass, better and easier to use tap controls and an inbuilt wall mounting capability. This is not a high quality smart music speaker but it a highly capable, functional, high connected and ultimately easy to use voice assistant that improves the usability and connectivity of your homes smart devices and helps simplify access and control of these devices. 

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