Help!!! My WiFi is weak in some parts of my home

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Let’s say your WiFi coverage isn’t as fast or reliable as you’d like it to be everywhere in your home. Maybe the kids are complaining that they can’t Facetime from upstairs, or you can’t send emails from the kitchen. The simple fact is that a WiFi router (or modem) typically can’t blanket an entire home with the kind of WiFi speeds you need for today’s streaming, video and gaming applications.

…….You need a WiFi Booster  

There are two main options for boosting your WiFi signal, but they’re not equal, and one is not always better than the other.

The two types of WiFi Boosters available are:

A:  A WiFi Range Extender

B:  A WiFi Powerline Adapter

Let’s take a look at both WiFi Range Extenders and WiFi Powerline Adapters and see which is the right choice for you.

WiFi Extender

A WiFi Range Extender is a small wireless plug-size device (you just plug it into a socket!)  that receives the signal from your router and re-broadcasts it. By positioning the extender in the right place in your home, you can gain extended WiFi coverage to areas where there were previously dead spots, or even push it out into your back yard! These are best placed midway between your router and the area of poor coverage you are seeking to get a better WiFi signal too. 

This is a cheap and easy solution to boosting WiFi coverage to most corners of your home, filling any dead zones plus there are several reasons to like them. One of the main reasons people like them is because the set-up process usually only involves little more than plugging in the extender and syncing it to your existing WiFi router to connect the unit to the secure network in your home.

After that it’s a case of finding the best position so that you get the best balance between coverage and speed. The extender can only re-broadcast the signal up to the quality of the signal it receives.  Most manufacturers recommend placing the extender about mid-way between the router and the area you need to cover. In an ideal world, the extender should have line-of-sight of both areas – no obstacles like thick walls to obstruct the strength of the signal.

Most big brand WiFi range extenders are universally compatible – they should be able to boost the WiFi signal from any branded standard router – even the one you got from your service provider. 

What is the difference in WiFi extenders 

Typically they differ in speed of data transfer and cost therein. The higher the number usually the higher the speed of WiFi signal and data transfer (e.g 300 Mps is less powerful than a 700 Mbps ) as the number usually represents the megabytes per second transferred  (i,e amount of data per second rebroadcast). The choice of which extender is usually a balance of cost versus speed with the more powerful devices being traditionally more expensive. However we recommend a mid range 750 Mbps speed is sufficient for most wireless devices except smart TV's. For smart TV's a powerline extender maybe better and faster than pure WiFi extender. 

This Video may help you understand the working of a Wifi Extender 

WiFi Powerline

A WiFi Powerline Adapter helps get over weak WiFi in a different way.  The Powerline transmits data across the electrical cabling in your home.  The small wall plug size device has an ethernet port to enable this.  In English, the Powerline Adaptor turns your regular electrical outlet into Ethernet connections.

It’s very simple……. The product is sold in pairs.  You connect one Powerline Adaptor to your router and plug it into a nearby socket.  Then you plug the other Powerline Adaptor into an electrical socket in another room, say an office or a kitchen.  You then connect your device (laptop, iPad) to the Powerline Adaptor and hey presto, that’s it!

And this video should help you understand how a Powerline Adaptor works 

So that is it!

Hopefully this explanation helps you make an informed choice as to which is the right option for you.

As you can see, both options are really easy ways of getting around poor WiFi Signals in your home.

WiFi Range extenders are a cheap and easy plug-and-play solution to resolving the issue of dead zones in your home once the extender is positioned in the correct location your signal strength and bandwidth will be immediately boosted and directed towards your WiFi trouble spots.  It is important to remember though, that the extender can only re-broadcast the signal up to the quality of the signal it receives from your router.  For optimal performance, you should at least match the WiFi speed of your new Range Extender with your existing router’s WiFi.  So, for example, if you have a dual band AC1200 router, choose a dual band AC1200 extender to maximise the boost performance and range.

WiFi Powerlines may sound more technical but probably are the better bet for many users.  All you should do is plug them in and set-up should only take a couple of minutes. They are suitable for connecting to smarter TV’s and laptops, i.e. To permanently located devices. They do offer a greater range, and the ability to extend your network to the whole house should be feasible without too much trouble.

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