Our Guide to Smart Lighting

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Our Guide to Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting can be controlled from an App on your phone, tablet or through a smart speaker such as Google Mini or Alexa.  Once set up, you can remotely turn the lights on and off, dim them and even change their colour, from wherever you are – at home, at work, in the car or on holidays!

Getting Started……

All you need is an internet connection on your phone or tablet to control your smart light bulbs from anywhere in the world.  Smart lighting is much more than being lazy and not getting off the couch to dim the lights or out of the bed to turn off the light. The security element is very appealing – it is easy to make it look like someone is at home if you are running late at work or even on holiday. 


Most Smart Bulbs need to be linked to a Hub that connects to the internet.  If you already have a hub or plan on buying one separately, double check that your chosen Smart Bulb brand is compatible.  The wonderful thing about brands such as ENER-J, TP-Link and Tapo is that you don’t need a hub for their range of Smart Bulbs.  ENER-J Smart Bulbs are competitively priced and there are no monthly charges – you just need wifi, the bulb and the ENERJSMART App.


Most Smart Bulbs are not just about an on/off switch.  They are about so much more!!! Certain Smart Bulbs allow you to dim, change colours or even flick between cool white and warm white to set the mood. ENER-J, Philips Hue and Tapo allow you to choose from 16 million colours. All these options are great for different mood settings – quiet evenings in front of the TV, dinner parties, kids hanging out in their den – different shades and colours whatever the scene.


Whatever light fitting you already have at home, moving to a Smart Bulb should be a straight swap – most brands have a range of different fittings – screw fit (E27), Bayonet/Pin (B22), there are even GU10 spots available as smart bulbs.  You can even get creative with Smart Light Strips – great for over kitchen worktop surfaces and desk areas.  Some are white and some are coloured – ENER-J Smart Light Strips can even be synched to music! You could even go so far as to add a motion sensor so that a light can come on automatically as you enter a room!

So that’s it. Once you have tried Smart Bulbs you will never go back.  You will wonder how you lived without them – imagine life without a remote control for the TV!  Well, you will feel the same about smart bulbs once you start using them.  And the best bit is the price, €19.99



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