Protecting Your Kids On-line

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Protecting your kids online
We all know that we should pull out all the stops when it comes to protecting our children on line. When we go about checking out what products are available to buy to help us in this area, there are a myriad of options available – some products are not so good, some are mediocre, and a few are fantastic. We have found one that ticks all the boxes. Yes, we have done the home work for you and because we have tried and tested several products we are happy to say that the one product that stands out from the rest for both us at and our customers is iKydz.

How it Works:
iKydz is a smart device and App which allows parents to apply filters and blocks to their children’s internet-connected devices.

How to get Started:
You don’t need to be a tech genius to protect your kids online – the makers of iKydz are the tech geniuses. All you have to do is just plug & protect! iKydz is designed for simple and fast setup directly from the box. You will have a safe internet connection in your home in under 10 minutes. In fact, you can connect to 250 devices right from one iKydz unit.

Appy days!!!
Once you have plugged your iKydz unit in, you simply download the iKydz smartphone App and you can begin applying internet filters and device schedules to your kid’s devices right away. You can even turn off your kid’s internet to give them a break from their device! You can become the ultimate control freak! - you will agree when you see what you can do, check this out:

  •  Apply age base restrictions
  •  Block Apps
  •  Shut off the Internet
  •  Block websites
  •  Monitor Internet usage 
  •  Block Pop Ups
  •  Set Schedules

Now begin protecting your kids:
Once you have the App Installed you can begin protecting your kids right away. There will be automatic block lists already installed but you can create custom block lists.

This is quite simply the easiest parental control on the market, and all for €99.
If you are still interested and want to purchase iKydz, please click here: 

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