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Trapped at Home....

Covid-19 has suddenly elevated the status of IT at home from nice to have and gadget focused to suddenly being the lifeline to the outside world as we struggle with the ever-increasing restrictions.  Most families now find themselves competing for the use of laptops to broadband.  Parents working from home have overnight had to become experts in networks without the support of the IT department while simultaneously trying to harness technology to keep the busy minds of their children going.  The plus side is that now we have enough time to set up our home working and all the related gadgets properly as anything beyond short walks and essential trips for food keep us firmly within the four walls of our home.

So, in the spirit of spring cleaning our home IT what could we consider?

  1. A Wifi Booster so that we can all log on from home for office and schoolwork at the same time and have enough coverage, even to keep Netflix on too! 
  2. A video doorbell so that we can answer the door remotely via your smartphone or tablet to the home deliveries courier or the post man – allowing us to decide if we want to answer the door physically or via the 2-way audio.
  3. An indoor camera in our elderly parent’s house – when you can’t physically visit them but want to keep an eye on them and again chat via 2-way audio.
  4. Smart Bulbs – no contaminated switches – control on/off/dim from our phone or iPad.
  5. A google nest mini – again control everything through voice activation – google will turn on the lights, your music, set reminder for you or the kids etc.

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