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At Smarter home store we are all about making smarter living a reality and accessible to all. We bring you a range of smart home technology products to help simplify your life and convert your existing home into a smart home. These products can be easily retrofitted and installed into your current home to control everything from your heating, lights and electrical appliances all from an app on your phone, tablet or computer.

Many of these devices can be added to work with most electrical appliance enabling you to switch them on or off and even time them via an app. Imagine being able to turn on your electric blanket from downstairs or even when returning home from a night out, or timing your kettle to come on when you get up in the morning or turning on your heating as you are returning home late from work or coming home from a frosty but embracing walk, all controlled from your smartphone.

At #Smarthomestore we stock a range of smart home heating controllers like, Nest Thermostat, Honeywell lyric, Hive thermostat and Hub control thermostat. Giving you a selection of the best products on the market, allowing you make the choice that best suits your needs. These heating controls can save you money, as well as offering you the opportunity to control and turn on your heating remotely from your tablet or smart phone ensuring you only heat your home when you need to. These smart heating controllers save you money by ensuring you only heat your home when you are at home and by bringing and maintaining your home up to a target temperature without over heating it. Many device manufacturers claim to save you as much money in one year as it costs to buy and install these heating controllers. But with variable weather and increasingly variable work and home schedules the ability to turn on your heating when leaving the office or coming off the side of a pitch is more in keeping with our current lifestyle than a traditional fixed time clock. These smart thermostats offer you the opportunity to turn off your heating when away from home either by selecting away from home on the app, without messing up your current timed schedule. Importantly they also allow you to set a seven day schedule with many having forst detection. This feature automatically turns on your heating if the thermostats drop below 5 degrees. 

#Smarterliving is now more accessible and available to all with many benefits and can be easily installed to make many of your existing technologies smart. Like switching on your lights or electric blanket from your smartphone by installing smart plugs or sockets from brands like #Energenie #Mihome or #Lightwaverf smart sockets and switches. These systems can be easily retrofitted into your existing home and are modular which means you can expand and add more and more units as you find more and more uses for these connected units . We all have sockets or plugs in difficult to reach or inaccessible locations behind a book case or bedside locker that would benefit from being controlled remotely via a hand controller or alternatively via a central hub controlled from your smartphone. Such products are available here on our site from brands such as LightwaveRf and Energenie MiHome.

Many of these products whilst from different manufacturers are compatible with one another and are controllable and compatible with products like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Google Mini as well as Apple Homekit.

So if you like the idea of  Smart Living in a smart home look no further than #Smarterhomestore for a range of smart devices to help simplify and automate your life.

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