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1. Check Your Router Position

The position of your Router makes a big difference to the speeds and strength of your wifi. If possible, place your router somewhere central and prominent in your home. Don’t put it in a cupboard, drawer or in a corner. It is also best to avoid putting your router on the floor too as wifi signals go in all directions. Keep your router away from appliances and electronic devices too as they can interfere with wifi signals.

2. Switch to 5GHZ for Faster Wifi Or 2.4GHZ for Extended Wifi

Most wifi routers are ‘dual band’ and offer wifi over 2 separate bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz. You will know this when you search for your wifi network. There may be two (or even 3) networks with the same name apart from the fact that one has a ‘5G’ at the end of it.  The 5GHz network will be faster than the 2.4GHz connection and will tend to be less busy however it won’t be as strong. This means if you are accessing the internet at a distance from the router make sure you are on the 2.4GHz network.

3. Reboot your Wifi Router

The tried and tested way for most of us to fix wifi issues was to turn the router off and on. While booting up, the router would choose the least populated wifi channel (which is often an issue in urban areas) giving the wifi a stronger and faster connection. There is debate nowadays whether this actually helps improve your wifi or not as many modern routers automatically switch to the least crowded channel. Rebooting, however can help fix any bugs in your router, similar to switching a computer on and off.

4. Upgrade Your Router

If your router is an older router, particularly if it is over 5 years or just has a single band you could benefit greatly from upgrading it. Do bear in mind it won’t improve your speed any better than you wifi plan!

5. Contact your Internet Service Provider

If your speeds are consistently lower than your chosen plan, you should contact your internet service provider who may be able to help fix the issue. You should also check what upgrade options are available. In light of all the devices which are now connected to wifi and eating up your bandwidth you may just need a better wifi package.

6. Switch your Internet Service Provider

In Ireland there are roughly 10 broadband providers offering a range of broadband packages for different areas. Fibre, cable or superfast broadband are regarded as the best wifi you can get. These are offered by Virgin, Eir, Sky and Vodafone, however these ‘superfast’ wifi packages are not available in every area throughout Ireland and even in those where it is available there may be just one provider offering it. The SIRO fibre network has been expanding slowly around the country and should provide more choice and competition in the market.

The ‘part-fibre’ option also called Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) is also being offered by many of the providers and tends to be a lot faster than older ADSL phone line connections.  A part fibre connection is where the fibre goes to a cabinet on or near your street and then by cable to your house. This tends to be more affordable and can provide fast speeds, however the speeds will depend on how far your house is to the street cabinet, so it is worth determining this before choosing it. It is also always worth checking with your Neighbours what wifi provider they are with and what their Wifi Speeds are getting.

7. Buy a Wifi Booster

No matter how good a wifi router or wifi plan is, sometimes you won’t get a wifi signal in all your rooms even if you have a wifi extender. Getting wifi everywhere has become even more important in Ireland since the Covid pandemic with many people working from home and kids doing home schooling and Zoom classes. Even apartments and small houses may need help to extend the wifi signal to a bedroom area. A wifi booster, also known a wifi extender or repeater, will help extend wifi to other parts of your house, however it is important to choose the booster which is most suitable for your home and your requirements. With so many boosters on offer deciding which one is for you can be confusing. Some simple wifi extenders may suit small apartments, whilst mesh systems are usually required for larger sprawling homes. If you want wifi in your shed or garden room you may want to consider a powerline. Houses with big thick stone walls often need a special type of wifi booster combining both powerlines with mesh technology to get the best signal. Details of all of these boosters can be found on our website.

8. Set Up a Mesh Wifi System

It is important to note that Wifi Boosters have however advanced over the last few years and companies like TP link now offer wifi boosters with Mesh Technology. There are a range of wifi boosters available to help with this, but the most powerful boosters are the Mesh Wifi Systems which provide a main router along with satellite routers to ensure wifi gets to all those dead spots in your home. If you feel your wifi booster isn’t giving you the coverage you need, you may need to upgrade to a mesh system, also known as Whole Home Wifi. To find out more about mesh wifi boosters check out our guide to ‘What is Mesh Wifi’. If you are thinking of buying a Mesh Wifi booster, TP Link’s Deco mesh wifi extenders are some of the most popular systems for ensuring your home is completely covered in wifi. Check out the range of mesh wifi boosters from .

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