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TP Link is expanding its range of affordable mesh WiFi boosters with the Deco E4 dual pack which offers excellent coverage for a household of 2,800 square feet, at a very competitive price relative to the competition. TP Link Deco E4 Whole home Mesh WiFi Dual pack is the slightly younger and newer version of the TP Link Deco M5 and has some added features. The Deco E4 gets our star rating for value and functionality. 

The benefit of Mesh whole home WiFi is that you get a more stable coverage and as this is all the one seamless signal you do not have to switch between extenders/boosters as you move through the house. This is a real plus when you are moving around the house with a mobile tablet in the bedroom and moving to the sitting room and later the kitchen. 

The Deco E4 claims to be able to support up to a 100 devices which should be more than enough for the average household even those tech savy households with multiple devices. It is dual band covering 2.4 - 5.0 Ghz, with a 1300 Mbps speed making it good enough for most household and home office use including downloading films and on-line gaming. It also supports MU-MIMO (which is Multiple Users - Multiple Inputs and Multiple Outputs), with dual antenna and dual Ethernet ports on each node. The E4 also comes with an easy to use set of configurable parental controls that are controlled and set from an IOS or Android app. 

The Deco E4 comes with adaptive path technology which means it will automatically select the optimal frequency and best signal speed to give you optimal coverage and the best speeds without having to manually switch between nodes. 

We would recommend this product over the traditional and previously popular WiFi boasters such as the older single extenders such as the AC750 or AC1200. 

Pro's and Cons of the TP Link Deco E4

Pros Cons
Is excellent value for money for a dual pack (of two Nodes)  Can lack some perks/features of more expensive competition
Whole Home WiFi Mesh technology Larger than the M5 - difficult to conceal (but appealing design) 
Supports 100 Devices simultaneous usage Set up requires and app and ideally mobile internet access
1300 Mbps WiFi speed 100 Mbps less than the Deco M5
Easy to Set Up
Adaptive path technology
Parental Controls


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