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We asked our colleague Tanya to let us know how she and her family got on with installing the TP-Link Deco M5 in her newly renovated home.  She is very happy with the WiFi coverage, read on......

Moving from a 900 square foot house with excellent to good wifi throughout, to one twice the size with excellent to non -existent wifi in some of the rooms necessitated setting up a WiFi booster.

We had all survived during the severe lock-down from March to May with decent, stable WiFi. Using the same service provider, in more or less the same area, albeit in a bigger house, meant confidence that the quality of our Internet would be guaranteed. As everybody knows, wifi quality and speeds are dependent on a good service provider but also on where the user is in relation to the Modem.

Ours is a home on 3 levels with the modem located on the middle floor as close to the centre of the house as possible.
Without the Deco Tp-link speeds are in excess of 250 mbps when in the room with the modem. Speeds reduce greatly the further you move from the central point, fading to 2 mbps in one groundfloor rear room and to about 6 mbps in the front.

Connecting three units, one beside the modem and one on the levels above and below meant a decent, even spread of WiFi in reach room. Locating one of the units at the entrance to the room that had recorded 2 m resulted in speeds of 66 mbps at 7 metres from the unit.  A similar improvement was recorded at the front of the house. The initial 6 mbps improved and between 45 and 60 mbps were recorded in the front room and and as far as the hall door. We have a smart lock on our hall door and the Deco Tp link has extended the WiFi quite a distance to allow this to function well. Without it the modem would have had to be located elsewhere which would have meant rewiring and there would have been wifi problems in the central areas of the house where TVs, laptops and tablets get heavy usage.

Two adults and two children depend on this wifi .Phones, tablets, laptops Tvs, smart locks, smart bulbs and plugs and our Google minis all need the wifi to work well throughout the house.

I was always very sceptical about these wifi extenders and was concerned about them diluting the service miserably. Clearly the speeds are slower when using the Deco TP-link but the important thing to remember is that without it we would have had weak to non-existent Internet in some rooms. We can still get wonderful 250 mbps plus speeds should we require them (perhaps if we were gamers this might be important) in central zones when we connect to the original modem. This is a straightforward move in the device wifi settings.

Parental controls help to monitor the activities of the junior members of the household. We can set time controls and/or put a stop to any user's internet with an on/off switch in the app. Weekdays, weekends and daily usage limits can be set and easily adjusted. It couldn't be simpler. It is all very well having great wifi throughout the home but in a household where there are little ones whose usage must be both limited, monitored and safe-guarded, the parental control feature is a huge bonus. You also get three years antivirus built in which is also reassuring.

For anyone who needs a good wifi extender but shies away from setting up these gadgets, fear not - it really is a simple case of downloading the Deco app on your mobile device, selecting the particular model and then following the on - screen instructions.

It's a good investment really. If your wifi is patchy I would recommend getting a double or triple pack system, depending on the size or lay- out of your home. It takes the worry out of escaping to the nether regions of the house to work from home or browse Santa's website in peace and confidently check out your Christmas sack without fear of losing your connection.

Although it is not the cheapest wifi booster on the market, this mesh Wifi system functions extremely well, is a doddle to set up, and in my opinion is worth the extra spend.


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