Why don't you use a smart plug for that???

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, Wi-Fi SMART PLUGS........

A Wi-Fi Smart Plug looks like a traditional adapter but is so much more….

These smart plugs connect to the internet through your Wi-Fi connection and control your home appliances.

Even if you are not into the whole smart home automation trend, smart plugs are one of the easiest smart home products to use.  You just decide on the brand to purchase, download the app and off you go.  Plug your new smart plug into a socket, plug your home appliance into the smart plug itself and that it!   You can now turn on and off the item you have plugged in, via your smart phone or tablet, from anywhere in the world – now that is smart!

Listed below are a bunch of fun things that can be done with smart plugs.  Not only are they fun though – they save you time, money and energy.  They can make your home looked lived in when you are not there.  Smart Plugs can even have your kettle or coffee machine turned on for you when you get to the kitchen in the morning, so you can have your cuppa on the go!

Charging Devices: Many of us leave our phones charging all night.  Let’s face it, it’s convenient.  However, this is not very safe as chargers can overheat when plugged in for a long time.  Also, leaving a phone connected to a charger for prolonged periods of time can shorten its battery life.  By connecting your phone’s charger to a Smart Plug, you can time your phone to charge for say 2 hours as you head to bed or even at say 5am so that the phone is ready to go when you get up at 7am.

Electric Blankets: How nice would it be to be able to take out your phone on the way home from a night out and switch on your electric blanket?  Coming home to a warm cosy bed is made easy with a Smart Plug.

Holiday Lights: You don’t want it known that you have headed away for a week and left the house unattended.  Help keep intruders guessing with some simple smart home automation – you can arrange for different lamps to turn on and off at different times of the day / night / week. Also, if you are the type of homeowner who obsesses over outdoor lighting when you are away on holidays, you can use smart plugs to turn these lights on and off with ease. Controlling your lighting adds to your home security system.

Hard to Reach Places:  Sometimes we have devices plugged in in hard to reach places – Smart TVs, Christmas Tree Lights etc. Devices do consume energy when they are on standby mode.  So being able to turn then off is cost effective.  Control these devices via a Smart Plug and your smart phone or tablet.  This is especially useful for people with a movement disability or for elderly people.

Kid’s Electronics: With Smart Plugs there is no need to argue with younger kids anymore about turning off the TV or Xbox.  You can now switch it off from anywhere!  It can fun watching your kids get a bit cross because the TV needs a little break!!!  

Lights: Some children (& pets) need to have a small light/lamp on in the room for going to sleep.  Again, this can be turned off remotely via a Smart Plug.  Save you trotting up and down the stairs one more time!

So, after all that, which are the best Smart Plugs to buy?

Our two biggest sellers are:

TCP Smart Plug now €16.99, see here

Tapo Smart Plug for €19.99, see here

Both products are of excellent quality and neither need a hub.  Please note also that both work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Google Assistant.  You can easily turn on/off the appliances linked to the plug with just your voice!

See the full range here

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