Energenie MiHome range allows you to automate and remotely control your lighting, heating, electrical products and appliances using their MiHome range of automation products, helping to make your home a smart home. The Energenie range includes smart light switches, smart sockets, smart plug devices, smart heating controls, smart radio controlled radiator valves all controlled through the Energenie smart hub controller connected to your your WiFi Router and controlled by your smart phone or computer. Devices can be controlled remotely or on preset  schedules via the smart phone app. This range also includes energy monitoring devices. 

Entry into this range can be easily explored via the smart home starter kit, This include a hub controller, 3 smart plugs controlled and a hand held remote. All 3 socket adaptors can be controlled via the simple hand remote control or via your smartphone. This is an easy to install plug and play system. You can then extend and expand your smart range devices as you see fit. 

The range uses the 433 MHz frequency for communication and is fully compatible with Google Nest. Also compatible with IFTTT. 

To learn more about the MiIHome energenie range, download here