Smart Thermostats


Did you know that boiler thermostats were one of the first “home devices” to go Smart? Today there are lots of smart thermostats out there to choose from.  At we aim at trying to help you pick the products that best suit your needs. 
All offer remote access and smart control of your heating from a smartphone, tablet or computer with varying but similar features.  They learn what temperature settings you like applying and when, and work in tandem with other bits of smart home kit.
The great thing is that when you are deciding on a smart thermostat you don’t have a load of specs to go through as they all work more or less the same way.  However, compatibility with other smart home kits is one consideration to bear in mind.  So, if you already have a few smart home devices installed, prioritise a thermostat that can work with them.  Hive, Nest and Honeywell Smart thermostats work with Amazon echo and Google Home.

So apart from that, you want a thermostat that is as smart as possible regarding how quickly it can adapt to your home’s routine and how much money it can save you by intelligently setting temperatures at certain times of the day and night. 

We sell most of the top Smart Thermostats – Hive, Nest, Honeywell, LightwaveRF, devolo, Energenie, and Hub Controller….  However, our 3 best-selling smart thermostats are Hive, Nest and Honeywell.  To learn more about the various benefits, features and differences of each look at the range below or click on individual products.