Mobile 4G Wifi - Wifi on the go!

What is a Mobile 4G Wifi Router?

A 4G WiFi router accesses the internet and generates a reliable WiFi signal without requiring your local cable company. All you need is a simple plug-in 4G SIM card. 4G routers also feature easy setup, flexible placement, lower costs, and stable performance.

They require no configuration, just insert a SIM card and turn it on to enjoy a fast wireless connection.

They are perfect for holiday homes / mobile homes, where owners do not want to get tied into a fixed contract with a broadband supplier but they do need wifi at certain times of the year -

  • working from a holiday home
  • watching Netflix while on holidays
  • downloading movies / gaming etc

Experience flawless streaming, lightning fast gaming and high speed browsing and reliable networking performance, with no blackspots. Whether connecting your home devices to your wireless network, or setting up an office, or on vacation - you can benefit from this new  advanced technology for full and fast Internet and network integration.