Samsung SmartThings

With the Internet of Things (IOT) all the talk at the moment, Samsung SmartThings is a great Smart Home connectivity solution.

At a basic level the Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit contains everything you need to get started when turning your home into a Smart Home.  It will allow you to: Monitor & control your home from anywhere using the Samsung SmartThings App on your phone or tablet.

Add hundreds of compatible devices to enhance your home - Samsung SmartThings is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Philips Hue plus some NetGear, Bose and Honeywell products.

In fact, Samsung SmartThings provides free communication between a smattering of devices from sensors and hubs to cameras and lightbulbs.  The SmartThings Hub (the brain of the system) is certified for the Z-Wave, ZigBee, Wifi and Bluetooth protocols - so most of these compatible devices should retain functionality with the Samsung SmartThings hub.  

Samsung SmartThings is also compatible with the following Voice Activated brands: Google Home & Amazon Echo

Check out the Samsung SmartThings Range Below