Security - Internet Safety

Internet Safety is paramount in today's world where our kids are always "on".  Robust parental controls are a must and we have a duty-of-care to ensure that our kids are ALWAYS safe on-line.  TP Link offer the most robust parental control system on the market as part of their TP-LINK Deco Whole Home Mesh Wifi System.  So whilst having the best wifi coverage in all 4 corners of your home thanks to this booster, you will also have the best internet parenting control system.  This system offers:     

(1) Set Profiles - create a profile for each family member and manage them individually. 

(2) Content Filter - Four levels are available for filtering content, each catering to a specific age group, ensuring internet safety. 

(3) Time Controls - Set daily Time Limits for the total time spent on-line and block internet access between certain times. 

(4) Pause the Internet - Pause a family members internet and resume it later on.