Smart Plugs help you to easily manage your home electronics and appliances from anywhere at anytime.  The Smart Plug, which looks like a traditional plug adapter, just plugs into a socket and works with your smart home network.  This device enables you to control whatever you have plugged into it from anywhere via your smartphone or tablet - all you need is internet access - a great way of turning on and off your lights when you are not at home!

Our best seller is the TCP Smart Plug.  No hub and subscription, just download the app and use your WiFi.  Excellent value for money at €16.99 and a super way to control turning on and off the Christmas Tree lights - no more bending down under the tree.  You can also set a schedule on the app.

The TP-Link Smart Plug doesn't require a separate hub like other smart home products - all you need is Wifi to access all of the product's functionality. 

Smart Plug uses are endless - go on and get connected - control your coffee maker, lights for pets & children, children's devices, lighting when you are way from home, electric blankets, and so much more!!!

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