Starter Packs

Purchasing a Starter Pack is the easiest way to enter the world of Smart Home Technology.  Most of the big brands have made it easy for new entrants to the market by putting together Starter Kits - offering all you need to get started, at a discounted price, all in one box.  

So go ahead and browse below to see what best suits your needs.

Currently the Energenie Starter Pack is on offer for €99.00.  This includes free delivery.  This Starter Pack contains 3 smart plug Adapters, a Mi|Home Gateway (usually €79) and a hand remote control. 

These control-only adapters allow you to switch on/off the appliances plugged in to them from anywhere in the world via the Energenie MiIHome app. 

This offers an easy cost effective entry into a smart connected home - no wiring or electrical knowledge necessary - its a simple plug and play system.