TP-Link WiFi Boosters

TP-Link are one of the leading suppliers of WiFi Boosters.  See our selected range of WiFi Boosters below. There are two types of WiFi Boosters - a WiFi Range Extender (extending the reach of your existing signal) and a WiFi Powerline Adapter (turning your electrical household wiring into a cabled WiFi system).     

To understand more about the difference between a Wifi Range Extender and a Wifi Powerline Adaptor read the introductory page on WiFi Boosters or our Blog.
Our range below is made up of three WiFi Range Extenders and two Powerline starter kits. In addition, the final product, the TP-Link AV600 Powerline starter kit, is a hybrid pack offering a Powerline Adaptor and a combined Powerline and Wifi Extender in one starter kit - for those particularly hard to reach areas of your home. All of these products are simple "plug and play" devices that require no technical knowledge to install and instantly improve your Wifi coverage. 
Our recommendations are:
1) for a Wifi Range Extender starter pack - the TP-Link AC1200 Dual Band Range Extender.
2) for a Powerline Adaptor we recommend  the TP-Link 600Mbps pass through powerline dual pack which means you still have use of your sockets for other devices.