TP-Link Networking

TP-Link is a big player on the world stage of providing WiFi networking devices.

TP Link Deco is a Mesh Whole Home WiFi System eliminating dead zone and pushing WiFi into all 4 corners of the home for an uninterrupted signal.  This mesh system enables devices in your network to have faster speeds, greater coverage, and a more reliable connection. While traditional routers broadcast WiFi from a single point, mesh WiFi systems have multiple access points.

TP-Link Wifi Powerline Adapters and Wifi Range Extenders  are very effective at providing extra WiFi network expansion in the home.  These easy to install and use devices are a simple solution to expanding Wifi Coverage in the home - reaching those dead spots.

TP-Link Mobile WiFi Routers allow you to have mobile WiFi in your holiday home pr mobile home without having to commit to a full year subscription with a broadband provider. 

Our recommendations are:

  1. For fast and uninterrupted delivery of Wifi to every room up to 5000 square feet of seamless coverage, that means no more switching between signal sources. - The TP-Link Deco M5 System 
  2. for a Wifi Range Extender starter pack - the TP-Link AC1200 Dual Band Range Extender.
  3. for a Powerline Adaptor we recommend  the TP-Link 600Mbps pass through powerline dual pack which means you still have use of your sockets for other devices.