WiFi Boosters

Is your Wifi coverage weak in some areas of your house? If so, there is a very easy solution to this commom problem -  a Wifi Booster. There are two types of Wifi Boosters - a Wifi Range Extender and a Wifi Powerline Adapter.  TP-Link have a great offering of Wifi range Extenders & Wifi Powerline Adapters.

  •  A Range Extender is a small wireless plug size device (just plug it into a socket!) that receives the signal from your router and re-broadcasts it.  By positioning the Wifi Extender in the right place in your home you can gain extended Wifi coverage - typically they are best placed midway between your router and the area of poor coverage. A cheap and easy solution to boosting Wifi coverage.- Finally we recommend our most popular Wifi Range Extender as a great market entry product - the TP-Link AC1200 Dual Band Range Extender.

This Short Video explains how Range Extenders Work 

  • A Powerline Adapter transmits data across the electrical cabling in your home.  The small plug-like device has an ethernet port to connect to your router turning your electrical cabling into a virtual network.Essentially the Wifi Powerline Adaptor turns your regular electrical outlet into a wired network connection. The product is sold in pairs - you connect one Powerline Adaptor to your router and plug it into a nearby socket. Then you plug the other Poweline Adaptor into a socket in another room - say kitchen or office. Then connect your device (smart TV, Laptop or iPad) - Home computer for greater internet speed, - into the second Powerline Adaptor and that's it!! - We recommend the TP-Link 600Mbps pass through powerline dual pack 

This Short video explains how Powerline Adaptors work 

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