Our Story


Welcome to Smarterhomestore.com your number one source for all Smart Home Technology Products.

We are dedicated to giving you the very best of service with a focus on helping you make an informed decision on making your purchase – whether you are new to the Smart Home Technology Sector or maybe you are totally hooked and want to add some new and exciting products to your already smart home.

Where did it all start?  Well, on a weekend away we forgot to set our traditional plug-in wall lamp timers to come on in the evenings – you know the way…. Trying to make the house look occupied etc… My husband said “now there must be an easier way, can we not manage this thing remotely?”.  We got on to Mr Google and the whole world of Home Automation unfolded before our eyes  - a world where light and heat in a home can be controlled via an app on a smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world! A world where opening the garage door to detecting break-ins to providing security for the entire property was available to be enabled remotely.

We discovered that Smart Home Technology could enable a new breed of apps to deliver the power of the cloud to our home…..

We were blown away, literally.  Straight on the case once we returned home – out to buy the LightwaveRF brand of the start-up things we needed.  The LightwaveRF Link (which in English is the hub that links to your modem), some LightwaveRF Sockets which once connected enabled us to turn on and off the lights in the bedroom and sitting room.  It also allows us to turn on our electric blanket on the way home from a night out or simply from the couch as we are getting to the end of a movie – what a guilty pleasure!!!  Anyway, I could go on but I think you get the jist!!  It really is magic.

Having worked in management roles in marketing for Johnson & Johnson & Coca-Cola and also running a successful marketing consultancy business for 7 years, we had a light bulb moment – why not set up an e-retailing business gathering and selling the top brands within the Smart Home Technology Sector.  Our online store could bring the best products together on one platform at competitive prices, with customer service and regular updated videos and blogs to assist consumers – updated information on new products, special offers, how things work etc…

Smarterhomestore.com, was born in 2017

Welcome to our site, browse and shop, browse and learn, browse and be enlightened! This is a very interesting area.

In 2018, could you imagine a retailer selling you a TV without a remote control? No. So, in the future, neither will light switch nor plug socket manufacturers, nor heating controls be sold without the ability to connect and control them via our smartphones or tablets. This technology will become omnipresent, driven by demanding consumers.