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Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat


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Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat

The Nest 3rd generation Learning Thermostat is used to remotely control your heating and hot water. Once downloaded, the Nest app allows you to change the temperature, check your energy history and receive alerts on your smartphone. Control your hot water tank or even adjust the hot water schedule from your mobile.  With just a few manual adjustments, the Nest Thermostat can learn your habits and start to save you money by automatically adjusting the temperature.

Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat

Product Code: T3010GB

The New Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat allows you to change the temperature, adjust your schedule and see how much energy you use – all in one place!
• Nest controls your hot water tank & can give your hot water a boost when you need it
• This Nest Thermostat is compatible with Amazon Echo
• Nest's Auto schedule learns the temperatures you like and programs itself
• Nest's Auto away notices when you’re away and automatically turns down the heat
• You will be able to change the temperature of your home remotely from your smart phone, tablet or laptop
• Nest's True Radiant learns how your home warms up so you only use as much heat as you actually need
• The Nest Thermostat is compatible with, on average, 95% of heating systems. Check your compatibility CLICK HERE
• Track your energy usage history – the more you know, the more you can save

Note: Nest is a Single Zone Thermostat

Nest Thermostat should be installed by a professional. 

What can the Nest thermostat do?
The new Nest Thermostat learns what you like and creates a schedule for your home, helping you save energy.

It is controllable from your smartphone, and notices when you’ve left home and automatically turns down the heat. That means you can set the heating to come on while you’re on the way home, and the house will be just as you like it when you get in! Amaxing.

You’ll see how much heat you use every day and even get an energy report every month to track and manage your energy use. 

The thermostat learns how long your home takes to heat up, so you only use as much heat as you actually need.

Can this control my hot water?
Yes, this Nest Learning Thermostat can control and manage your hot water tank and give your hot water a boost when you need it. Your hot water can also be turned off if you are away for a few days.

What is Farsight?

On your Nest Thermostat's Display settings you can choose what Farsight shows you: The Target Temperature / An analog or digital  clock etc.

With Farsight enabled, your Nest Thermostat will wake up as soon as it senses your presence, up to 20 feet away. Farsight takes advantage of the 3rd gen Nest Thermostat’s high-resolution screen so it’s easy to read from afar. Now you can just glance across the room to check the time or the target 

What is True Radiant?
Nest's True Radiant will make your heating system run like it always should have - according to your schedule. No more guessing and turning the heat on hours before you need it. Tell your Nest Thermostat what temperature you want and True Radiant will take care of the rest! This setting is automatically on.

Wireless Technology          Wifi

  • Wireless Technology: Wifi
  • Display Type : Backlit LCD Display
  • Programme Facility : 7 Day Programmable
  • Central Heating Control Type : Smart Controls
  • Model Name/No : T3010GB
  • Compatible Boiler Type : Most Combi & System Boilers
  • What's in the box : 1x nest learning thermostat & 1x Heat Link, trim plate, power plug, power cable, screws, welcome guide, installation guide.
  • Product Height : 84 mm
  • Product Length : 84 mm
  • Product Type : Smart Thermostat & Hot Water Control
  • Product Depth : 32 mm



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