Philips Hue Tap (wireless smart switch)


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Philips Hue Tap is the first wireless smart switch that controls your Philips Hue lights, powered by your touch!

  • You can preset your 4 favourite Philips Hue light settings,  select a scene that you have created yourself / one of the scenes that Philips has created for you / or program a button to switch all lights off. You can easily make the desired configuration via the Philips Hue app - Its all up to you!
  • Philips Hue Tap switch can be placed and used anywhere in the home — from being mounted on the wall by the front door, to sitting beside your favourite armchair or even on your bedside table. Philips Hue Tap switch is a way to make functional, day-to-day connected lighting even more convenient. Because it's wireless, you can place it anywhere you want, using screws or the adhesive tape on the back plate of the switch.
  • Philips Hue Tap puts your favourite scenes always within reach. It can be twisted out from the back plate, so you can also use the Philips Hue Tap switch as a remote control for your comfort.
  • Philips Hue Tap uses kinetic energy and is powered by your touch. So no batteries needed. This means Philips Hue Tap has a remarkable zero watts of power consumption, making it smarter, greener, with no battery waste and is hassle-free.
  • You can connect up to 50 lights and 10 accessories to the Philips Hue Bridge (not included). Simply begin with any of the available starter kits or a separate bridge and start adding Philips Hue products. You can then control your lights at the swipe of a finger with the intuitive Philips Hue app. Philips Hue is based on ZigBee, a low-power, safe and reliable technology to control your lights. New features and improvements are continuously added to the system. Updates to both software and firmware are made wirelessly and seamlessly directly to your Philips Hue products.

Product Code: 929001115262

Wireless Technology 2400 – 2483.5 MHz
Lifetime 50 000 clicks
Max Tap switches per bridge 25 if no other switches linked
Range 15-30m
Mounting options freestanding, wall
Special features Works without batteries
Switch diameter 75  mm
Switch height 25  mm
Weight of switch 90  g
Zigbee Light link Package
Package Contents 1 x Hue Tap Switch

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